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Lhasa Express

Lhasa Express at Platform

Lhasa Express - Rolling Ride To Rooftop

A train that provides its passenger with oxygen canisters, well this information is good enough to let you know that this train is special, and the ride is even better. This is about the Lhasa Express in Tibet that runs on the highest rail line in the world. Opened in July 2006, the line runs above 13000 feet above sea level for more than 80 percent of the route and tops at a height of 16,640 feet. The magical ride starts from Beijing and ends in the capital city of Tibet, Lhasa. The trip takes around 48 hrs and covers a distance of around 2,525 mile(4065 km). To run around at such altitude, pulling an entire train, you definitely require some serious power. And the power is provided by three 3,800 horse power diesel locomotive. You will be amazed to know that the climb from Golmund which is at 9000 feet to Tanggula pass at 16,640 feet is covered in mere six and a half hour. Your journey through picturesque locations, showcasing the vista of mountainous landscape, the snow-clad mountains, the green foothills and the exciting sight of the Tibetan folklore will definitely be a lifetime experience.

Dining Area in the Train

What All Does It Cover !

As a matter of fact, there is no better way of exploring the deepest of Tibet than a ride on the enchanting Lhasa Express. The train passes through all kinds of landscapes that are there in Lhasa. Be it deep valleys, hill tops, vast deserts or frozen lands, you will see them all with a ride in the train through the 'Roof of the World'. The train passes by the side of Qinghai Lake, which is one of the biggest lakes in China. This is one place where you will witnesses a large variety of flora that are generally found in different areas of Tibet. When you reach Golmund, the change in the surrounding is quite striking. The landscape of the city is very barren and gives a lunar look to it. After crossing the city of Golmund, the train starts on a steep climb to Lhasa. This is the stretch where oxygen is released into the cabins. And if you still feel dizziness, you can request for a personal oxygen canister.

The train proves it, to experience the fun of adventure, you need not go climbing high mountains or running around in jungles, you can feel the excitement just by sitting in an AC compartment, with your legs outstretched and you sipping your favorite drink. Come to Tibet for a ride in the most unique and fascinating train in the world that will without a doubt will be your most cherished traveling stint.

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