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Tibet City Information

Potala P, Lhasa, Tibet


11,850 ft above sea level was and still is the religious, cultural and economic centre of Tibet. Places of interests include the potala, the 13 storey - 1000 rooms palace of the dalai lama; the monasteries of drepung & sera; norbulingka, the jokhang, the holiest shrine in Tibet. The circular barkhor street with innumerable shops & wayside pedlars intermingle with devotees walking clockwise around the jokhand shrine.
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Most famous for its tashilhunpo monastery - the seat of the panchen lama, is 12, 600 ft. Above sea level. Places of interest include the relics sakyamuni, the hall of maitreya and mind-boggling collection of thankas, etc. Built in 1447 by the first dalai lama. There is also bustling "free" market at the foot of the ruins of the xigaze fortress and one can buy local handicrafts embedded with coral and torquoise, chinese porcelain and yak butter etc.
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This small agricultural town is at 13, 050 ft above sea level and is famous for its wool carpets and palkhor choide chorten. At the lamasery it is the unique structure built in 1414 of five storeys representing the five steps to enlightenment, topped by the thirteen rings which symbolise the stages of achieving. There are 108 halls inside, 'buddhahood' each with frescoes and buddhist shrines. A View of Zhangmu City, Tibet


This town is 7, 000 ft above sea level and is known by its Tibetan name khasa and is a major trading town enroute Tibet from nepal. The hills around zhangmu are heavily wooded with inumerable waterfalls in the summer and frozen 'icicles' during the winter.
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13,800 ft. Above sea level, this is a new chinese commune built 7 kms of the highway at the foot of the ruins of xegar dzong. With population of 3000, it is the centre of a large and remote country and also the base for the expeditions to mt. Everest and other peaks.


Lhokha has been considered as the oldest city in Tibet. This is because Lhokha has few of the earliest most monasteries in Tibet. Oldest of all being the Samye Monastery which was the home to the first monks in Tibet. Nestling at an altitude of 3600 m above sea level. Lhokha City is situated to the south of Mt. Kailash. Apart from the famous monasteries, one can also visit the the scintillating Lake Lhamo Nhatso and the mighty Yumbulagang Palace.
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The city of Qamdo is the greatest gift of nature to Tibet which is nothing less than a paradise. Due to the massive development of the city, Qamdo got a new look, and is all set to become the next rising star of Tibet. Qamdo, situated at an altitude of 3240 m above sea level, the city is surrounded by the Hengduan mountain. Most tourist who come here get spellbound by its natural beauty and flabbergasted by its climatic variations. With sites like Chambaling Monastery, Yiri Hot Spring, and The Deqen Phodrang Sacred Mountain, Qamdo certainly is a hot favorite among tourist and being one of the best shopping places in Tibet, just no one can afford to ignore Qamdo.
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The fabulous city of Nagqu has become the perfect example of what Tibet is all about, colorful people, rich culture, pilgrimage sites and spirituality. The city is also considered a prominent player in political and economic matters. Situated at an altitude of 4500 m, Nagqu has few of the most scenic sites in Tibet like the famous Lake Namtso. Such is the exuberance and extravagance of Nagqu City, that once you get a glimpse of this exclusive part of Tibet, you will have to admit dreams are possible in conscious mind as well, with eyes wide open.
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Great experiences are sure to be had in this stunning Ngari City of Tibet. The calm yet enchanting city of Ngari has wealth of attractions to offer to its guest apart from the most sacred place, Mt. Kailash that will show you a new path towards true spiritual nirvana. Ngari is the largest in Tibet in terms of area covered and lowest in terms of population count. The city is located at an altitude of 4500 m which gets it the name 'Roof of The World'.
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Nyingchi city of Tibet perfectly blends tropical charm with the harmony of a self satisfied town. The city offers the most unforgettable journeys through the green thick woods and under the snow-clad peaks. Come to this unspoilt land of ecstasies and feel the ground beneath your feet come alive. The city is situated at an altitude of 3000 m above sea level which proves to be the suitable altitude for rich flora and fauna. The variety in the colors of landscapes of Nyingchi has done justice b bringing it the name 'The Switzerland of Tibet'.
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